Can I Get a Memory Card for my iPhone 6?

A lot of people have been asking if it is possible to get a memory card for the iPhone 6.

…Unfortunately, the answer is a brief (and rather emphatic) “no”.

Put simply, there is just no place on the iPhone for a memory card to go. In fact, there isn’t even anything remotely resembling a card slot anywhere in sight (barring the SIM card slot, of course).

From a technology standpoint, Apple does not use SD cards because they prefer to keep the phone’s flash memory internal. From a consumer standpoint, this means that when you buy an iPhone, what you get is what you get, memory-wise.

From ‘Every’,

“All iPhone models use internal flash memory that cannot be expanded. A large number of phones from Motorola, Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia and others have a MicroSD slot that makes it possible to inexpensively add more memory to the device, but none of the iPhone models have this capability. For readers not familiar with the MicroSD standard, it is a tiny flash memory card — “about the size of a fingernail” — designed specifically for mobile phones to hold “music, movies, video clips, pictures, ring tones and more.””

The SD Card option is a popular one with smartphone users and an oft-used point in the ongoing (and increasingly dull) ‘Apple vs. Android’ debate. So why haven’t Apple added this popular (and potentially lucrative) option to their own best selling product?

According to Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, a contributor for Forbes, the answer is simple; it conflicts with the way Apple does business. For Kingsley-Hughes,

“The ‘why not’ is simple – While storage is cheap, Apple charges $100 per bump. If the iPhone 6 had an SD Card slot everyone would buy the cheapest — and lowest margin — model”.

Essentially, a big part of Apple’s branding is the ‘all-inclusive’ design and an even bigger part of Apple’s business strategy is the charging of extra money for extra memory. Disappointing though it may be, Apple would stand to lose a lot of money if it included SD card slots in the iPhone and it therefore doesn’t see the point.

From a more pragmatic standpoint, Apple execs probably don’t see why they should give consumers the option to spend less on their flagship product and then give the extra money to unaffiliated manufacturers for an SD card. Yes, it’s cheaper for the customer, but it eats into company profits (and considering how many people are using iPhones these days, that would account for a pretty big bite).

It is possible to connect an iPad to an SD card, however. For $25, you can buy an Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit, which allows you to upload images from your digital camera to your iPad. Not quite as good, but sadly the best you’re likely to get without invalidating your warranty.